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I purchased one in early June. I swing it every day faithfully. It has helped my tempo to the point in hitting the ball like that old days (76 years old now). My handicap has gone from 24.5 to 20.9 in just thirty days. Best swing aid ever.. Thanks for a great product.

John H.

Very quick return on the money . 20 30 40 swings a day huge improvement. Did three days in a row before I golfed and at least 20 yard increase on woods and irons !! Very happy with results, stretching and muscle memory .

Tony S.

This is by far the best way to warm up before a round. No need to spend $7 a hit 40 balls. Just swing the trainer and you're good to go, Best investment for your game.

Richard P.

Great Product. I've gained 10-15 yards on my drive. Best part is my ball striking. Tempo Is right there every swing, from takeaway to finish. Consistent solid contact without having to think about anything. Thanks!

Kevin T.
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