TopDivot Golf Practice Mat

TopDivot Golf Practice Mat

TopDivot Golf Practice Mat

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This Golf Mat Training Aid Is The Quickest, Easiest, And Most Effective Way To Correct Your Slice Forever!

Introducing TopDivot™ golf mats - thin, carpet-like mat that gives you a detailed analysis of how your club head makes contact with the ball.


  • Improve your swing consistency by analyzing your divot board.

  • Get instant feedback on your ball contact.

  • Practice our best golf mats in the comfort of your own home or backyard - with or without a ball!

  • Don't waste your money on range balls without real time divot feedback.

Master Your Swing Path Anytime Anywhere Using The Golf Hitting Mats

Improve your golf swing by mastering your divot using that board.

A divot tells you everything about your swing. Seeing an instant representation of your divot, helps you build muscle memory for that perfect swing.


Setup the DivotDaddy indoors or outdoors in seconds.

Save your lawn from unwanted divots.

Get more out of your range session with detailed divot data.

Used By Pga Professionals & Golf Instructors!

Swing Better Than Ever Before

RATED #1 at Home Training Aid by PGA Professionals.

Numerous PGA Golf Professionals have already seen the power of DivotDaddy for themselves.

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